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Food Safety Courses
'Food Safety Solutions' is an endeavor towards the life that sustains healthy people through safe foods. It has been developed to fulfill one prime aim ‘To foster safe food handling as well as safer eating habits. The courses developed by FSS have been designed to make people aware about the importance of food and alcohol safety.

There are three major courses namely ‘Safehandz’, Food Safety & Hygiene and Safeserve’. The Former includes all the data and information about food safety and the related methodologies for food handlers. Second is for the person who wish to teach and assess the Food Safety & Hygiene Training Courses in the food industry. The latter is about serving alcohol in a sensible manner to avoid any mishaps or connected illnesses. They focus on making food and alcohol handlers well informed and responsible citizens.

Both of these courses are meant for those to aim to achieve something purposeful in their lives. They have been created for all those people who want to bring a healthier change in the society through advancing the cause of food and alcohol safety.