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About Us
Safe Handz Food Safety Training and Certification Food Safety Solutions is an education provider with focus on social awareness; our goal is to empower the citizens with science based knowledge on FOOD SAFETY. The knowledge gained through our courses will reduce the incidence of illnesses caused by mishandling of food and alcoholic drinks.

Food borne illness can cause serious harm to the consumers. Knowledge is Power, Better Safe than Sorry. Think Global Act Local are all very apt slogans for FOOD SAFETY.

Similarly alcohol, if not served responsibly can lead to digestive problems and heart diseases. Knowledge and awareness regarding such dangers towards health and lives is necessary while handling food.

It is extremely important to ensure the implementation of food and alcohol safety measures. Sufficient steps need to be taken to identify and eradicate the food hazards. People who work in the food & alcohol industry including the producers, manufactures, transporters & storage operators, sub-contractors, retail food service centres, hotels & restaurants, canteens, mess and caterers should act responsibly.

Food Safety Solutions is committed to provide in-depth knowledge and training to every individual who works in this sector or anyone who aims to build a healthy society.