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Benefits of Training Pack
Benefits for the Hotel Staff
Food Safety Training
  • Increased awareness regarding food safety standards
  • Reduced frequency of errors
  • Up-gradation in the knowledge
  • 'Convenient learning' because of the slide shows
  • Better than the long followed procedures of conducting classes which have less or no impact on the students. It includes diagrams, slide shows etc. which enhance the grasping power.
Benefits for the Organizations
  • Maintenance of records regarding food safety classes conducted
  • Increased reputation
  • Lesser supervision required after the completion of the training
  • Training of innumerable staff members in house through this pack
Benefits for Trainers
  • Through Food Safety DVDs, CD ROMs on Power Point, Manuals, Diagrams and other resources the trainers can teach conveniently and effectively
  • Liberty to select either the Hindi or English version
  • The trainer’s manual is so simply designed that even the chefs/managers or the supervisors can act as good trainers.
  • Chef de cuisine, executive chefs/sous chefs/trainee managers/supervisors or above are eligible to train the staff as per the convenience of their schedules.