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Topics Covered in Complete Training pack
Level 1
Food Safety TrainingIt would focus on training the new employees before they start performing their roles in the food industry. Overall training would take an hour or 45 minutes to finish which would include 30 minutes for the presentation of the slides and 30 minutes for viewing the training video.

It would include all the necessary aspects of food starting from food safety, temperature, hygiene to the disposal of the waste. There will also be competency tests in the end of the training that would ensure the overall understanding of the subject.

Topics Covered Resources Covered
Food Safety, functions, side effects Power Point Slides
Handling food temperature Training Notes
Danger zone temperatures Video- Food Hygiene Movie 1 (English/Hindi)
Sources the food passes through till consumption
i.e. purchasing-storage-cooking-serving
Personal hygiene, related practices, techniques  
Can you work if you are sick?  
Working during bad health  
Cleaning and sanitation  
Pest control  
Waste disposal  
Level 2
Food Safety TrainingIt is known as the follow on training. It is for the employees during the first 6 months of their employment. The duration depends on whether the employees are involved in high risk activities or low risk ones.

In case of the former, the training begins immediately after they start their work in the food environment and in case of the latter; it takes place within the six months after their first induction. The training outline takes approximately 45 minutes to get over with. It includes topics ranging from food hazards, temperature recordings, flow of food etc.

Topics Covered Resources Covered
Food safety Power point slides for follow on training
Food safety hazards i.e. physical, chemical and bacterial with
their types as well as factors affecting them. Prevention of hazards.
Training notes
Cross contamination and its avoidance Food hygiene video 2 (English/Hindi)
Recording of temperatures Food hygiene video 2 (English/Hindi)
Recording of temperatures  
HACCP (Hazards analysis critical control points)  
Flow of food from purchasing to serving