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Food Safety in Our Society
Safe Handz Food Safety Training and CertificationThe estimated diseases caused by unsafe food are significant around the world. Food Safety along its supply chain from the stage of production to its consumption has become the top most priority for all the people who want a healthy and a safe life. Food industry is now realizing and acknowledging the possibilities that ‘Food safety Solutions’ certification is offering for a bright and a growing future.

FSS has originated with a clear commitment to a vision of producing learned food handlers with the safest of food handling skills. It recognizes food safety as an essential public health function. The certification offered 'Safehandz' course will help reduce food borne illnesses. 'Safeserve' will enable to install responsible serving and consumption of Alcoholic beverages.

The Food & Beverage industry is always looking for certification holders and getting better jobs in reputed food establishments is made easier by Food Safety Solutions training.

Through the development of these courses, FSS is trying to make a safer food supply all over. More than teaching, it aims to make its learners think and once they start thinking, their goal becomes clearer. In the near future, the increasing awareness about food safety is going to make these certifications an essential knowledge base for the food industry.

FSS intends to help educate the youth about food safety. It aims to empower the school students of elementary and secondary level with knowledge about the safety aspects of food. This would be a step towards making food safety knowledge available to everyone in the society.

Food Safety is a growing field of study and the knowledge advancement in this area of science is limitless, knowledge in this area holds great possibilities for the future!