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Complete Training Pack
The final pack is a combination of the training resource pack and supplementary resource pack. It includes all the features of both the packs.

Title Level Included  
Complete Training Pack Level-1 & Level-2 (Read more...)
Food & Safety (Manual + Power Point Presentation + Food Safety & Hygiene Training Movie -1 & Movie -2 in English and Hindi)
Level - 1
Level - 2

The combination pack encompasses:

Food Safety TrainingInduction level 1
It is a 1 hour training for the employees who are about to begin their job as food handlers. It includes food safety, temperature control, hygiene practices etc.

Induction level 2
It is a 1 hour follow on training that is given to the employees within the first 6 months of their job. It includes food safety hazards, their types, flow of food etc.

Food Safety Training Manual
It is a manual that consists of all the topics regarding food safety with well researched detailed explanations.

Power Point Slides
PPT slides have been prepared from the information in the training manuals but in a precise form. They have been included to help learn conveniently and effectively.

Trainer’s Notes
Trainer’s notes are meant to assist the trainer while he teaches the food handlers. These notes contain all the information on food safety and its associated aspects.

Training Record Chart
The pack contains a training record chart that helps in maintaining record of all the employees who have undergone the training along with the date and time. They are a great way for the organization to keep a track of the up gradation in the knowledge of its employees.

Competency Test Questions
The combination pack has competency test papers that include questions for the learners regarding food safety to prepare them for their final exams.

This pack finally includes two videos in English and Hindi on Food safety. The first one consists of all the features of induction level 1 and the second one includes induction level 2. Videos are a great way for easy and effective learning.

  • Has the best features of both the training and supplementary resource packs
  • Increased learning power through slides, lectures and videos
  • A complete package to make food handlers responsible and well informed