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Trainer's Video
This pack encompasses the videos regarding food safety and hygiene. There are 2 movies that give a clear picture of what food safety is, how important it is as well as its detailing. Videos help the food handlers understand the concept better than the theoretical classes.

The images of the topics formed in the minds of the students after watching the videos stay with them for as long as possible. This helps them become aware and more learned.

Movie 1 includes Induction level 1 meant for the new employees set to take on their new roles. It comprises all about food safety, hygiene, food temperatures etc. Everything would be in a picturised version. It is in English as well as Hindi.

Food Safety Video Pack CompleteMovie 2 includes Induction level 2 meant for the follow on training of the employees during their first 6 months after their first induction. It encompasses food safety hazards, food flow etc. It is in English as well as Hindi.

All the aspects of food safety would be visually depicted so that it becomes easy for the learners to understand. Hygiene practices, flow of food, types of food hazards such as different bacterias, all will be shown in form of diagrams and pictures.
Benefits of supplementary resource pack
  • Convenience in learning and grasping the subject
  • More interactive (seeing what you are learning)
  • They show how tasks are performed bringing training to life
  • Hold learner’s interest
  • Help the trainer in communicating his message quickly and effectively
  • Allows the learner to go back over the areas missed